A Tribute to *Lady* Zina Kuhn!

Zina & Mindy

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<<<< Zina early in her career >>>>
These are from the mid 1950's.

Lady Zina
Lady Zina

Below: Zina and Franki in front of the Suzanne Charo Painting (The Crow).

The above pictures are from a photo shoot done with her in 2002. Far left with Mindy.

Below: Franki and Zina at
A John Mollard Party.

Franki & Lady Zina
Franki & Lady Zina

Below: Zina and FawnZ
going out for a night on the town.

Lady Zina & FawnZ
Franki & Lady Zina

Franki and Zina  Backstage
at the Orpheum >>>>

Lady Zina, Florence and PMC!

<<<< Friends Forever.

Zina, Florence and Michelle.

To say that Zina enriched my life would be an understatement.
She was the most caring and loving person I've had the privilege to know.
Our relationship transcended beyond age and gender.
She was a true inspiration for me and our love for each other was nothing but pure.
I will miss you very much my Granooshki.

There is a book about her amazing life out now.
*Zina's Cha Cha Through Life* can be bought HERE!

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