World Of Franki

Hi. I'm Franki.

I'm The Lead Vocalist for the Electro-Pop Band Everybody In The House.

First off I'd like to shout out to a few special people that share my life with me...

Samantha: My Beautiful Daughter! (I Love You Sammerz).
Michael: My AMAZING Husband! You are one lucky man! lol!
Parents: Frank (R.I.P. Dude) & Betty (R.I.P. Marla) I love you Parents!
Brother: Micheal (R.I.P. Bro!).
Sisters: Lola (R.I.P. Girl) & Linda.
Uncles: Jack & Coy (RIP! I miss u guys)
Aunties: Veronica (Get well missy) & Geri (R.I.P. Aunti, You are missed)

Various Friends and Freaks: Jason (thanks for being there for me, to find you and have you means more to me then I could ever say or express...), Annette (R.I.P. Snoots, Everyday I think about you), Susanne (My BEST Girl-Friend, I adore you Darlin'!!!), Kenny (Words not needed, You know I love ya!), Dan (My Muscle Man), Brian Tosko Bello (The Gnome Slayer), Terri (My Biggest Fan!!!), Landis (My Texan Amazon), Sunny (When's the next Boy George gig?), Thomas from PA (Thanks for being my fan! Adore you Mister), Judy Eisenhower (Miss U chick!, R.I.P. Darlin'), Joyce (My Activist Friend), Barbara (aka Precious)-(Thanks for all you do for me), John Mollard (R.I.P. Mister!), John Burton aka: *Johnny Fever*, I am so glad we reconnected mister, just wish we could have talked before you passed. (R.I.P. My Friend), Miko (My #1 Fan From Japan!) and Lastly: Cari (My Bestie!) LOVE Your Face Darlin'

Other Freaks: My new found AZ family (Loretta's Posse), Cindy (My Groovy Cuz), Veronica Ann, Athena, Allison, Sabrina (R.I.P. Girl), Maria, Erica, Fallon, Jennifer, April and Marcus (I can't remember anymore).

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