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Everybody In The House was formed in 1987 by Franki Ambrose and Jim Saccoman *QUBIQ* after the two met at a local nightclub in Phoenix, Arizona.

They both brought in various friends as *Official* members of the band to get some different ideas. Franki brought in his high school pal David Brewer and Jimmy brought in friends Dan LePianka and Gaby Rainey (with whom he had another band with called *Random Entourage*). The bands first recorded track; "(help) I Had A Lover" had Franki on lead vocals, Jimmy on production/Vocals, David on Vocals, Dan CO-writing/Vocals, and Gaby as a Backup-Chick & Dancer.

After recording several songs (Dead Love, Yeah Yeah, Everybody, (help) I Had A Lover and Lover Leave) over the next few months for a dance-oriented album, Franki was offered a performing gig on the Island of Key West in early 1988. He left the band and moved to the Florida Keys.

Both Franki and Jimmy remained in constant contact over the next 6 years and still recorded music coast to coast. In that time they recorded many tracks, including; "Close Up" and "Franki Say Hi".  Then, in 1994, Franki moved back to the Phoenix area and met up with Jimmy to discuss getting the band back together. They both agreed that it would be a smart move.

It was at this point that they decided to bring in another longtime friend and musician Louis Bustamante to the group. Louis had worked with jimmy on another project (*Chernobyl Cocktail*) and they thought having him in the band was a brilliant idea. Louis's involvement was short lived due to personal conflicts with Franki.

With artists like Erasure and Pet Shop Boys to have as an inspiration, they decided to make it a duo after Louis's departure.

The boys then shelved the tracks from the *Fruity Sessions* that involved Louis and headed back into the studio to write and record. 1995 found a new sound for the group with the new single "Tell Me".

Still never releasing an album at this point, the boys concentrated on making great music. They wrote and recorded for the next few years. Then in the fall of 1998, they scored their first club hit with the dub version of the single "Pretty People". It was to be the bands biggest hit to date.

The band then released a ten year retrospective CD *Decade Of Decadence* in the winter of 1998.

And in the summer of 2000, the boys had a fluke smash Hit on their hands with the song "Deeper Daddy", a self-mocking track recorded entirely for the boys own amusement gave the band their biggest hit that year. Given out to friends as a gag gift, the song found its way onto local DJ's play lists. Then with heavy Internet promotion, it crossed the Atlantic and fell on European shores.

In 2000, the band released the Album *MIXER*. It featured remixed tracks from the years 1987 to 2000 in a non-stop dance mix.

In early 2001, the band released a remixed track of their 1989 single "Close Up" by QUBIQ to a great response. The track soon took off in the clubs, but faded a few months later.

In the wake of 9/11, the band felt that they had to do something to boost low moral in the states, so they recorded the uplifting dance track "Keep It Up" and released it as an Internet single.

2006 The band released *Glamorama*, a new album featuring some new tracks as well as some remixed hits.

In 2008, the boys released *Decade Of Decadance* to celebrate their 20 years together. This 20 Year Anniversary Edition includes Remixes and Dubs from 1997 to 2007.

2009 the band released *Sex, Ca$h & Chaos*, which includes Rarities and Remixes never released.

2010 the band releases *Popnography* and *Eruption: Greatest Club Hits*

2011*Radiolucent: The Greatest Hits* was released.

And in 2012, the band has re-released the Albums: *Glamorama (Deluxe Edition) which includes bonus tracks from the recording sessions of Glamorama, *REMIXER*, which includes new remixed versions of tracks originally on the MIXER album, and a brand new album to celebrate the bands 25 years together, *Retrospective: The Best Of Collection*.

2013 finds the release of *OMG! Look @ Those Huge Hits* for all our 'Special' fans (Domestic & Import).

*Imperfekt* (an album of ultra rare demos, b-sides and a brand new single, many never released in any form) is Released in June 2013.

*I Had A Lover*, The 1st single from the new CD *Rarities* is released on September 24th, 2013.

A New Album *Rarities* is released November 5, 2013.

The band released the CD Single *Happy Birthday To Me* on January 21, 2014 which is taken from the CD album *EITHOCENTRIC* which was released on February 11, 2014.

A new collection of extended versions was released on September 23, 2014 titled: *Extensive*.

February 10th, 2015 the band released the first single *Deeper Daddy (QUBIQ 50 Shades Of Gay Funkin' Mixes)*. Taken from the CD *Alternatives (QUBIQ Mixes)*.

April 14, 2015 the band released the 2nd single from *Alternatives (QUBIQ Mixes)*; *Dead Love (QUBIQ Liquid 101 Remixes)*

May 26th, 2015 sees the release of *Tell Me (QUBIQ Mixes)*, the 3rd single from *Alternatives (QUBIQ Mixes) *.

October 20th, 2015 *Lover Leave (QUBIQ House Remixes)*, the 4th single from *Alternatives (QUBIQ Mixes)* is released.

December 1st, 2015 *Boysexual (QUBIQ Euro Remixes)*, the 5th single from *Alternatives (QUBIQ Mixes)* is released.

January 19th, 2016 sees the release of the CD *Alternatives (QUBIQ Mixes)*.

March 29h, 2016 the band releases the Album *Eccentric*

October 4, 2016 the band releases the Album *Singles*

Feburary 7, 2017 the band releases the Album *Extravaganza*

October 17, 2107 the band releases of the Album *Vitality (QUBIQ Mixes)*

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