Pretty People
Pretty People Remixes

Pretty People
CD Single 1997 © Released 9/23/97

1. Pretty People
2. (help) I Had A Lover (Elevator Mix)

Pretty People (Remixes)
CD Single 1998 © Released 6/16/98

1. Pretty People (Dub Club Mix)
2. Pretty People (Dub Club Edit)
3. Pretty People (Dub Club Extended)

*Pretty People* was originally a song titled "Yeah Yeah" that the band recorded in 1988.

In 1997 they decided to re-write and record the song and change the name. It was then remixed into a dub version in 1998, and after recording new vocals it became an "underground" club favorite here in the States due to it's campy lyrics.

Vocals by Franki
Photography by Jimmy C.
Design by Iknarfink & Jimmy C.

Taken from the CD Decade Of Decadence

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