Freaky Franki
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(Lead Vocals/Lyrics)

Franki was fresh out of high school and was not sure what he wanted out of his life.  He had performed in musicals with friends in high school, but always wanted more.  While out with friends one night at a local club, he met Jimmy and a friendship ensued, and a few days later, they formed the band. "When I first met Jimmy, I thought, Wow, what a brilliant guy. I felt this connection immediately and we just clicked on every level. I remember our first day of recording was wild for me. I had all my friends there for support because I was so nervous. David sang backup on the song '(help) I Had A Lover' and you can hear my then-girlfriend Tina laughing on the original master. We used David's part, but not Tina's. We broke up a short time later. She was a little mad I suppose." said Franki.

Franki always knew that he wanted to be an entertainer on some level, so the offer to front a band was a welcomed invite. "I was so excited when Jimmy asked me to do the band thing. I felt like my life had a meaning now. When you are young and right out of high school, there are some expectations that people have of you. My parents wanted me to move out and get a job and I had no idea what I was going to do with my life at that point. I was a model for a clothing company and a bus boy, and I surly didn't see myself doing those things forever." says Franki.

After a year with the group, Franki was offered a gig at the famed "Strand" in Key West, Florida. He sang original compositions and covers for the next three years and tried to start a new group with some local musicians. "I remember that I was given some music by one of the guys and asked to write some lyrics for a song called 'Island Dreams', I came back the next week with a song called 'When You Have Men On Your Mind'. They were really freaked out about me writing this song, so I left and never went back. I was totally insulted, they were really nasty to me about It." said Franki.

After three years as a Nightclub Entertainer, the Strand closed its doors. "I was devastated by the news. They told us that we weren't making any money. So I decided to move to California and visit family for a while. I was going to visit them for a few weeks and I ended up staying for the next three years. It wasn't the way it was planned. But while there, I did some writing and recording with Jimmy via mail,
it was weird, but fun doing it this way". s
aid Franki

In the summer of 1994, Franki moved back to the Phoenix area to see about starting the band back up with his longtime friend. "I called Jimmy one day and told him that I was moving there permanently. He was shocked by the news, but was really looking forward to our meeting again. I think he felt that maybe we had been away from each other so long that the chemistry wasn't there anymore, but after our first luncheon; we both realized that the 6 years had changed nothing between us". said Franki

The boys re-formed the group that same day.

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