EITH Colours
Freaky Linda

Franki met Linda in 1995 through a secret government agency, in which they were both agents.

They became co-spies immediately and Franki soon found out that she was an actress and singer. He started getting her gigs at top-secret parties and various underground events, and they would happily go infiltrate enemy lines. She was only 15 or so back then so having her in the group was illegal. They lost contact in 1998 (or did they?), and then in 2002 he ran into a few of Linda's associates and asked of her whereabouts. They gave him her number and it turned out that she was on assignment in the very same city. After a brief covert rendezvous, she was verified to be "of age" and requested to join forces with Agent Double-O-Iknarf once again. She said "Sure," so the scheduled hit was taken off of her. Her first assignment with the band was at the Orpheum Gig. With the passing of her mother in 2004, Linda has too much going on to continue the glamorous life with the band. She currently is married with a daughter and owns a catering company with her husband.  We wish her all the best.

Linda Sanchez
(Vocals/Diva/Glamour Puss)

Mindy flirted with the entire band for three years,
but they weren't on tour so they  couldn't really call her a groupie.
In 2000, tiring of hearing her sing along outside the window,
the band invited her in and let her do backing vocals on the OMD Cover of
"Secret," a track they knew would never go anywhere.
She of course sung her little heart out (one word) and they were so impressed that they asked her to become a permanent member of the band.
She put the gun away, and the rest is history.

Mindy left the band in November 2002 to pursue marriage,
children and her relationship with GOD.

Mindy McLachlan - Barrientos
(Vocals/Diva/Fashion Plate)


Freaky Mindy
Freaky Lady Zina

Franki & Lady Zina were inseparable. She joined the band officially in 2002 for the Orpheum show.

She was a little apprehensive about it at first as she wasn't sure what her friends would think, and then she said YES! Telling Franki that: "You only live once Darlink, Live life to the fullest".

Franki now lives by those words and was very honored to have had "Lady Zina" as a part of the band. She recorded two tracks with the band in 2002 (Mantastic and Put The Bump Back In The Night) and just loved being in a pop band.

She left after a year due to failing health reasons. Lady Zina was the oldest member of the band. She died on August 15th, 2005. She was 91. We will miss her deeply.

Keep on Rockin' Granooshki!

Lady Zina
(Attitude/Vocals/Big Red Hair)

Andrea came into the scene after "Deeper Daddy" came out. She was excited about being in a pop band, She loved recording and the photo shoots, but the excitement soon faded and reality came knocking at her door. She decided to become a nurse. We wish her the best life has to offer.

Freaky Andrea

Andrea Wilson
(Vocals/Blonde Bombshell)

Freaky Louis

Louis was around in the first days of the band, but was never *Official* until 1994. Things didn't work too well between Louis and Franki, and he was let go a short while later.

He now runs a Blondie and Deborah Harry fan club and web page and resides in Saint Petersburg, Florida. We wish him the best.

Louis Bustamante (AKA: LAB)
(Musical Genius/Creativity/Photography)

David started out with the band from day one. He sang on the very first version of "(help) I Had A Lover". At last word, David was happily (Gay) married and living in Saint Petersburg, Florida.

Freaky David

David Brewer

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