EITH Buried Alive
Freaky Dan

Dan muscled into the scene in 1986. The need for a bodyguard was becoming more and more evident, so Dan was a welcome addition. He CO-wrote our very first song "(Help) I Had A Lover" in 1987 and was slated to be a member of the group. It took him 15 years to find where we were recording.

Dan LePianka

Dez appears on countless Everybody In The House tracks. "We have this unique musical connection and we're always on the same page musically, we fit together like hand and glove", says Franki.

He's also recording his first CD "Universe " in which Franki appears on the track "Oomba Goomba".

Freaky Dez

Dez Galvez
(Vocals/Lyrics/Musical Genius)

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